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How to prevent the danger of stamping! More than a decade of stamping experience to share
- 2020-10-09 11:27:53 -

Often hear some stamping factory boss whining, want to recruit a few stamping workers but how can not recruit. Stampers themselves are not very demanding, why is it not good to recruit people? This is mainly the repeated occurrence of stamping injuries, has made people subconsciously think that stamping is a high-risk job, in people looking for work has been talking about stamping and color change. So is stamping really that dangerous? Why are there so many stamping accidents that crush workers' hands?

2mm Cold rolled steel

In fact, stamping is not as dangerous as imagined, but there are reasons for stamping injuries. On the one hand is the reason for factory management, on the other hand is the reason for the operation of workers. As long as both are done, stamping is still safe. Today through our more than ten years of stamping experience for everyone to analyze how to eliminate the danger of stamping.

First, the factory should pay attention to the matter.

In fact, the view of stamping can be viewed as logistics, the boss to provide a car to let the driver drive, at least to provide the driver with a fully qualified car. Stamping is the same, let workers operate punches, if even punches can not guarantee complete and complete qualification, safety and from where to start? There are several main requirements for equipment:

1, punch running well.

A good punch is the foundation of safe production, the lubrication of the punch must be normal, copper tile can not appear excessive wear, brake tightness should be normal range, clutch, control system operation flexibility, the bolts in various parts can not appear loose.

2, install a safety grating.

After the safety grating is installed, the punch will stop urgently if the stamper's hand or other items affecting safety enter the hazardous area;

3, switch design is reasonable.

Two start switches and an emergency stop switch need to be designed, and the two start switches must also be at a distance, as long as the stamper presses 2 start switches at the same time to start the machine;

4, stamping mold design is reasonable.

If punching is the first element of safe production, then stamping mold is the second element. Stamping parts rely on the production of stamping molds, so stamping mold design is reasonable in terms of safety plays a vital role.

Whether the discharge is convenient and the discharge is smooth all affect the safety of the plant during operation. When designing molds, it is important to ensure that the factory can easily use tools to discharge and discharge materials.

5, must use security tools.

In the stamping process is absolutely not allowed to allow the hand into the mold work area, which requires that the use of safety tools to complete the discharge and discharge work. Safety tools that are now frequently used are magnets, suction cups and tweezers.

6, reasonable noise reduction measures.

Under the influence of the noise of the punch for a long time, the worker's concentration and mental state will continue to decrease, and reasonable noise reduction measures can not only ensure the mental state of the stamper but also be responsible for the health of the worker!

7, the establishment of a safety management system and punch operation manual.

Stamping plant must be irregularly hedged workers for safety training, so that the concept of safe production deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Help stampers establish safe operating habits.

Second, stamping workers should pay attention to the matter.

1, to maintain a good state of mind.

In the operation of the punch, must maintain a good mental state, in the mental state is not good circumstances must not operate the punch. If you have something on your mind, be sure to ask the factory for leave or transfer to another position.

2, to ensure concentration.

In the course of work, can not go to other people to talk, not to look at mobile phones, answer the phone. You can't do anything else that has nothing to do with operating a punch.

3, calm state of mind.

When encountering the discharge is not good or the product stuck in the mold situation, must calm down processing, can not be impatient, do not put your hand into the mold area, do not fantasize that your hand is faster than the machine tool;

4, do not allow hands into the work area.

Niney per cent of punch injuries are caused by workers entering the work area with their hands, which under no circumstances can they enter the work area. This is the first guarantee of safety for stamping workers! Manual security tools must be used!

5, dress reasonable.

Wear work clothes, neck, cuffs to have a certain degree of tightness. For female workers, long hair is worn in a work cap and pressed into the hat. You can't operate a punch on a skirt.

6, learn the company's safety regulations and operating manuals.

Regularly learn the company's safety production specifications system, establish a sense of safe production.

As long as in the daily production of things to be aware of, strictly in accordance with the requirements to implement, in fact, stamping is not so dangerous. Just like driving, you can get on the road safely and safely with good car conditions, focused frames, and full compliance with traffic regulations. Stamping is also this truth, to ensure good punching status, safe operation, complete compliance with the punch operating manual, but also safe and complete operation punch!