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What are the types of sheet metal machining methods? What is the importance of CNC bending machines
- 2020-09-30 10:42:00 -

Sheet metal forming currently has three main processing methods in the domestic market: stamping forming, folding machine forming, bending machine forming, can achieve fully automatic or semi-automated production.

3mmQ235 stamping blanking shaped parts

However, there are considerable limitations, each of the three forming methods has the following characteristics.

(1) Stamping forming.

Advantages: stamping into the formation of low, high efficiency, fully automatic or semi-automatic are relatively easy to achieve;

Disadvantages: long opening time, mold adjustment trouble, mold costs than other processing methods are higher, not suitable for large and medium-scale work parts processing, the need for batch processing to be more cost-effective.

(2) The folding machine forms.

Advantages: high efficiency, automatic or semi-automatic labor intensity is relatively low;

Disadvantages: forming height limitation is relatively large, bending outer diameter is larger than other equipment processing radius, equipment procurement costs are high.

(3) Bending machine forming.

CNC bending machine is an indispensable processing equipment of sheet metal factory, the pressure active shaft can be divided into up-moving bending machine and down-moving bending machine, in order to control the way can be divided into ordinary bending machine, number-display bending machine and CNC bending machine several categories.

Advantages: high dosing efficiency, suitable for processing large materials, sheet metal forming can be basically achieved;

Disadvantages: full automation is difficult to achieve, the use of robot automatic bending limitations are too large, debugging time is also more time-consuming.

Forging, stamping and sheet metal production enterprises, the realization of digital automation is an important issue that must be faced, through the realization of digital automation to promote enterprises to overcome the design, manufacturing, production and management problems faced by enterprises, in the final analysis is to improve manufacturing conditions, improve manufacturing efficiency, reduce consumption, save costs, meet the rich and colorful material and cultural needs of society.