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Some laser cutting things you probably don't know about
- 2020-09-29 13:22:10 -

Many people buy laser cutters, the first thing to consider is how much laser cutters can meet their needs, but in fact, when you know more about laser cutting, you can give yourself the answer.

Water cutting

Today's small editor to tell you the principle of laser cutting and cutting process and thickness.

01 Laser cutting principle.

The basic principle of laser cutting is: the laser gathers on the material, local heats the material until it exceeds the melting point, and then blows the molten metal away with coaxial high pressure gas or the resulting metal vapor pressure, so that the hole continuously forms a very narrow cut with the relative linear movement of the beam and material.

02 Follow-up system.

In large-sided laser cutting machine, the processing height of different places is slightly different, resulting in the surface of the material deviation focal length, so that in different places the size of the spot is not the same, power density is not the same, the laser cutting quality of different cutting locations is very inconsistent, can not meet the quality requirements of laser cutting. The cutting head uses an on-the-go system to ensure that the cutting head is consistent with the height of the cutting material, thus ensuring the cutting effect.

03 Auxiliary gas.

Auxiliary gases suitable for the cut material must be added during the cutting process. In addition to blowing away the slag in the cutting seam, the coaxial gas also cools the surface of the processed object, reduces the thermal impact area, cools the focused lens, prevents soot from entering the lens seat and causes the lens to overheat. The choice of gas pressure and type has a great influence on cutting. Common gases are: air, oxygen, nitrogen.

04 Cutting process.

The cutting process is related to the following factors: laser mode, laser power, focus position, nozzle height, nozzle diameter, auxiliary gas, auxiliary gas purity, auxiliary gas flow, auxiliary gas pressure, cutting speed, sheet speed, plate surface quality.

It is important to realize that the accuracy of laser cutters is related not only to the equipment itself, but also to external factors. When we use laser cutting machine, according to the specific processing materials, user quality requirements, etc., to the equipment to set and adjust the relevant parameters, such as: power, focus position, cutting speed, auxiliary gas and so on, in order to achieve the user's product accuracy requirements.