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What are the four major processes for new sheet metal machining?
- 2020-09-16 10:17:45 -

As for why it is called new because the previous sheet metal machining also contains 4 main operations.

They are: shearing, punching/cutting, folding, welding.

Cut: refers to the cutting machine cutting steel plate under the material, the material into a square square shape.

Punch/Cut: Punch refers to punch punch, cut refers to punch mold cutting angle.

Fold: It's the bender that bends into the shape you need.

Welding: Sheet metal pieces to form a finished product need to be welded by welding.

Q235 carbon steel 4mm curved sheet work parts.

So what are the main operations of the new 4 sheet metal machinings?

The main processes of the new 4 sheet metal processing are: stirring, punching, folding and welding.

Intense: Laser cutting is the main equipment for the lower material in sheet metal processing. It is fast processing speed, high precision, short cycle (no need to open mold), but also can be processed a variety of shapes, sheet metal processing material is the main processing method.

Punch: Sheet metal machining parts can not only be plate shape, need to punch a convex bag, sprouting, punching shutters (one of the vents), over the bridge, buckle and so on. all need to be rushed to process. Punch is not the previous punch, but the CNC punch, it can be installed dozens of molds, programmable, fast, but also to assist the laser cutting machine material.

Fold: For the previous year, it's just that the device is updated. There are several control bending machines, bend centers (robot-assisted bends), CNC folding machines, etc.

Welding: It's just adding equipment to the previous year. Added arc welding for sheet welding, CO2 gas protection welding, welding robots, etc.

With the upgrading of the main operations of sheet metal processing, equipment updates, sheet metal processing products have a great improvement in quality, processing speed, faster response. Sheet metal processing industry with the development of society is also progressing, in the new era to play its important role.