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How is sheet metal processed for thermal deformation? Introduction to sheet metal thermal deformatio
- 2020-09-15 09:05:18 -

At the time, sheet metal processing is a very common metal processing method, which also contains a lot of processing processes, thermal deformation is one of the processes, sheet metal processing manufacturers need to pay attention to a process is thermal deformation treatment, generally in this process requires a good heat treatment to avoid product deformation. So how should sheet metal thermal deformation be carried out? Here's a little editor-in-chief to introduce you.

304 stainless steel 5mm thermal deformation bend

First, in the process of insulation, the residual stress of sheet metal processing will be released and deformation will occur, and the self-weight of the part will also lead to deformation. During the cooling process, the part is deformed due to thermal stress due to the different cooling speeds in different parts of the part. Even if the cooling speed is the same, the cooling on the surface is always fast and the internal cooling is always slow.

Second, when the product shrinks at low temperature, the amount of shrinkage is directly related to the carbon content of oversaturation. When heated at room temperature-200 degrees C, it expands. However, due to the decomposition of the metal around 200 degrees C, the expansion does not change much. In conventional heat treatment, the main causes of changes in part shape are thermal stresses and phase change stresses that occur during heating and quenching heat treatment. If the heating speed is too fast, the part is too large compared to the heating furnace, and the temperature of each part is different, the metal plate will be thermally deformed.

These are some of the methods you will introduce to the thermal deformation process in sheet metal processing plants.