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How do metal laser cutters cut copper?
- 2021-02-23 13:21:50 -

High-reflection metal material has always been a metal laser cutting machine cutting difficult materials, including copper, aluminum, gold and other metal materials, these materials are also our daily processing more common materials, to solve the metal laser cutting machine cutting high-reflection material is now a lot of metal laser cutting machine manufacturers an important problem.  

Laser-cut copper nozzle

Why does cutting highly reflective metal materials require the addition of auxiliary gases? When a metal laser cutter cuts metal copper, the added auxiliary gas and material react in high temperature conditions, increasing the cutting speed, for example, by using oxygen to achieve the effect of combustion aid. Nitrogen in the laser cutting equipment, is to improve the effect of a cutting auxiliary gas, for copper materials below 1MM, the use of metal laser cutting machine is completely possible processing.  

Therefore, when using metal laser cutting machine, do not worry about whether it can be cut, this time should pay attention to the processing effect, so the use of nitrogen as an auxiliary gas is best. When the thickness of copper metal reached 2MM, then the use of nitrogen can not be processed, at this time, must add oxygen, oxidation, in order to achieve cutting.  

Through the above explanation, we should know how the metal laser cutting machine should be material copper material, in fact, we do not have to pay too much attention to cutting when cutting how fast, how much cutting an hour, but to put more energy on cutting accuracy, how to cut the metal laser cutting machine cutting accuracy control is the most important.