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An introduction to vaporization cutting in laser cutting and processing processes
- 2021-01-25 11:45:24 -

Laser cutting processing is the use of high-power laser beam to irradiate the cut material, so that the material is quickly heated to vaporization temperature, evaporation to form holes, and then with the speed of light for the movement of the material, the formation of holes into a narrow width of the cut, in order to complete the cutting of the material. Laser cutting processing can generally be divided into four categories, vaporization cutting is one of the more common. This article is followed by a brief introduction to vaporization cutting.

In the process of vaporization of the laser cutting process, the performance temperature of the material will rise to the boiling point temperature, its speed is very fast, can completely avoid the melting caused by thermal conduction in this process, so some of the material will vaporize into steam disappear, some of the material will become a spray, at the bottom of the cut is an auxiliary gas, the spray will be blown away directly. The laser power required for vaporization cutting is very high.

In the vaporization laser cutting process in order to prevent the steam of the material will condense to the cutting seam above, the thickness of the cut material is certain requirements, must not greatly exceed the diameter of the laser speed of light. The processing of vaporized cutting is generally only suitable for cases where melting material exclusion must be avoided, and the scope of application is actually very small.

For wood or some ceramic products cutting processing, vaporization cutting is not applicable, these materials need to reach a thicker incut. In vaporization laser cutting processing, the optimal beam focus is generally determined by the thickness of the material and the quality of the beam.

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