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What sheet metal processes are available in sheet metal processing plants?
- 2020-09-09 09:46:40 -

For any structural part, it has a certain process. The sheet metal processing plant parts are designed and drawn into drawings to express their structure, and then the structurally complex parts are expanded into a shape and hole easy to process work parts. Next to the processing link, according to the differences in sheet metal structure, sheet metal process is different, summarized the following points.

1. Feeding. There are many ways to feed, there are four main ways: cutting the underside of the bed. Is the use of cutting bed cut out the shape of the unfolding figure long and wide size. Only the maximum form factor of the work piece can be cut out; Is the use of punches to its shape and holes processed out, mass production of punches under the material has more advantages;

There are two kinds of CNC material, the work parts made by the precision is higher: NC number down and laser feed. The former is more suitable for sheets below 3.0mm, while the latter is suitable for work parts of a more complex structure and plate processing parts with a thicker thickness.

2. Turn the edge. Turning edge is also called turning holes, punching holes, is to draw a specified size hole in the pre-punch hole, this sheet metal process can make the work piece attack teeth more strength, suitable for 1.5mm or less plate thickness of the work piece.

3. Riveting. Riveting is commonly used in riveting studs, rivet nuts, riveting screws, etc. , its riveting method can be riveted to sheet metal parts by punching or riveting machine.

4. Bend. Bending is to strengthen the strength of the machined workman. Its processing needs to fold the bed and related bend mold to complete.

5. Welding. Welding is the welding of 2 or more part groups together for machining purposes, or a single part side seam needs to be welded to increase the edge strength. Its types of processing are: two protection welding, arc welding, welding, robot welding and touch welding.

Sheet metal welding diagram

6. Surface treatment. Surface treatment has phosphating film, electroplating colorful zinc, chromate, paint, oxidation and so on. Phosphating film is suitable for cold-rolled plate and electrolytic plate, electroplating colored zinc is generally used in cold-rolled plate and machining parts surface treatment, chromate, oxidation is generally used for aluminum and aluminum profile type of work surface treatment, the specific surface treatment method is based on the requirements of customer materials.

7. Assembly. is to group multiple parts or components together as required by the drawings to make them a complete part. The assembled parts may be finished or semi-finished.